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built in kitchen units

New Kitchen Cupboards Riebeeckstad Welkom

riebeeckstad kitchen Lunar Ash Melamine ImageNew Kitchen Cupboards installed in Riebeeckstad Area Welkom. The brief for this project in Riebeeckstad was rather tricky as the areas where kitchen cupboards could be installed is limited and scattered.

Even though the kitchen area had ample light, the client preferred a light color material as the primary décor in this open plan area was primarily light, the walls are painted in a pale grey and the existing synthetic floors are a cherry colour.

As this is a spec property the client obviously wanted to keep costs in check.

We recommended using Lunar ash melamine and white granite formica worktop

The kitchen comprised of all the required elements, both functionally as well as aesthetically

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Kitchen Cupboards Do You Take Them For Granted

In 2012 most people take kitchen cupboards for granted. However this cooking area or place where food was prepared has undergone many changes, particularly over the last two centuries.

As a business involved in designing and building built in kitchens, I decided to share some insight into the origins of a “kitchen” as we know it today.

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Why New Kitchen Cupboards In Riebeeckstad or Welkom Area, makes good sense

Installing new kitchen cupboards in Riebeeckstad, Welkom and even the surrounding areas within the Goldfields, does make a lot of financial sense. Apart from the difference it will make to your daily living, a beautiful kitchen is desired by buyers and sellers alike.

The fact of the matter is that despite a fairly depressed property market, Welkom and even outlying areas such as Hennenman enjoy a joy a steady influx of new residents from Johannesburg and other areas.

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