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Today homeowners in Bloemfontein expect materials and design elements for the kitchen and home that are classic, functional and durable.

This also implies that there are some past popular features are on their way out.

Here are all the kitchen trends you should go for in 2017, plus three fads you should forget about immediately.


Most Popular Kitchen Trends 2017 image 1 “Homeowners today want an open and thoughtfully designed kitchen that blends seamlessly with the rest of the home’s design aesthetic,” said Kerrie Kelly, Zillow Digs home design expert, in a press release.

Jessica Mattern, Web Editorial Intern at, re-published this article from Country Living.

This Year's Most Popular Kitchen Trends Are Stunning.

You're about to see these designs everywhere.

Hot Trend : Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets

"Homeowners are starting to take bigger design risks in the kitchen," according to the Zillow report. "Expect to see a rise in tuxedo or two-toned painted cabinets where the top and bottom doors are painted in complimentary colors, such as navy blue and soft gray or beige."

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Hot Trend: Hidden Appliances

These days, people want everything in their kitchen to look beautiful — including their appliances. Thanks to this growing trend, you'll see more concealed coffee stations, microwave drawers and refrigerators disguised with cabinet fronts, like this one. 

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Hot Trend: Wood Paneling

You can thank Joanna Gaines and her influence for the rise of farmhouse-style looks like this one. According to Zillow, wood paneling or shiplap, often painted in white, will be popping up in everything from backsplashes to ceilings.

Mixed Hardware and Finishes

Although stainless steel is still a popular choice, both designers and homeowners are willing to experiment with various metals to create an eclectic space. You can expect to see more gold, rose and black — and a mix of all of the above. 

Mixed Hardware and Finishes SaveCaitlin Wilson41447Caitlin WilsonCaitlin Wilson | The Blog Although stainless steel is still a popular choice, both designers and homeowners are willing to experiment with various metals to create an eclectic space. You can expect to see more gold, rose and black — and a mix of all of the above.


Fads on the Way Out:

Speckled Granite

Short Kitchen Cabinet

Light, white and bright kitchen designs have soared in popularity, meaning darker materials and woods are on the way out.

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Hot Trend in South Africa

High Gloss material and Gloss Wrap Finish


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