kitchen cupboard design riebeeckstad JULY 2016 IMAGE 2 of 1Kitchen Designs are not mere eye-candy.

Yes it is quite obvious we all want a beautiful kitchen that we can be proud of and enjoy.

Considering various kitchen designs is a bit more involved and complicated than remodeling or renovating other parts of the home, like build-in bedroom cupboards or bathrooms.

  • Kitchen designs have at the outset a number of goals and should meet certain criteria, particularly when having to work within the constraints of a fixed budget.

Sensible and effective kitchen designs should result in an increase in the property, not perceived or intrinsic value but real monetary value measurable in the value of the property to any potential buyer, before and after the renovation.  

Here at Style Kitchen Designs and Cupboard we realize that not all people consider new kitchen designs because they merely wish to increase the value of their property

  • From experience we know that the vast majority of folks resort to remodeling their kitchen cupboards for aesthetic and functional reasons. You have become tired of the old boring kitchen cupboards and may have outgrown its functional use. 
  • Some renovations can be as basic as changing the work tops or considering new kitchen designs after spending time searching the internet or home improvement magazines.


That is why sensible folks chose Style Kitchen Cupboard Designs to help them come up with a kitchen designs and create happiness.

Kitchen Design should meet three crucial elements:

  • It has to be functional to live and operate in,
  • The design should incorporate technologically up-to-date features and accessories, and lastly  
  • Kitchen designs should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Here at Style Kitchen Cupboard Designs we know how to make your budget go further to meet these requirements and ensure a pleasing end product.

We simply know by experience what works and what does not gel. That is not a statement of choice but of fact. With more than 8 years of experience in the field, advising customers and home owners as to potential kitchen designs comes naturally.

However it is not only experience that counts. We believe in being creative and together with the home owner explore all possible kitchen designs before jumping in the deep end.


In addition, a budget is another major consideration for remodeling. Compared to other rooms, kitchen  designs tends to be more specialized and complex. This is why the help of a kitchen designer is necessary. It is not enough to leave the job to a “handy man” or willing relative. These people usually lack the experience and creativity needed in creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Maple Solid Wood Raised Panel Door Kitchen Design

Like all good designers and cupboard manufacturer/installers, we always take into account a family's lifestyle before making any changes or presenting final kitchen designs. The kitchen is more than just a place to cook food after all.

Taking into consideration any existing useable appliances helps to avoid unnecessary cost. Kitchen designs also need to take account of particular preference of the customer such the desired floor, wall and ceiling material choice.

As kitchen designers we are invariably able to see the bigger picture and ensure that the end product will meet with the home owner’s approval.

Yes, we are not rocket scientists, but as experienced kitchen designers we can help in many ways such as the best possible layout, materials selection, appearance, and functionality of a room.

In a nut shell, Style Kitchen Cupboard Designs will turn your vision and dreams into reality.

We will be pleased to take on your kitchen designs requirement, while maximizing space, taking care of all the essential elements such as electrical wiring, plumbing, flooring, appliances and tiles.

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