We offer kitchen cupboards and kitchen designers service in Bloemfontein and Welkom area. Renovation without the tears while removing weeks of agony most folks have to endure with their kitchen cupboard installations.

As any smart financial adviser or property broker will advise you, spending money on kitchen cupboards and re-modeling, makes good sense.

Most people, who consider investment in a new home, always make the kitchen the first port of call. The prospect of new kitchen cupboards is an exciting and daunting event for most folks.

Our fast and professional service will take the sting and trauma out kitchen re-modeling and fitting your new kitchen cupboards. Because we have installed and experienced so many different styles and kitchen cupboards installation, we are able to offer you professional advice on options and choices.

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We never dismantle or remove any kitchen structure or cupboard unless your kitchen and or bedroom cupboard units are ready and waiting in the wings.

Today consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to different kitchen accessories (not useless gadgets). Because we stay on top of our game, we are aware of current trends and functionality issues when it comes to designing and building your kitchen cupboards.

blue white laquered kitchen design

Our Kitchen designs and cupboards at minimum would include the following features:

  • 6 drawers fitted on telescopic roller ball hinges
  • Concealed hinges on doors
  • Custom made dual tray spice draw
  • Standard Microwave Box built into wall unit
  • Pull-out waste-bin holder to accommodate 66 liter Addis swing-lid bin
  • Cutlery tray inserts.
  • Installation of Sanke dual bowl zinc with surface mixer

Our kitchen cupboards design strive to make maximum use of available and often limited space.

Here at Style Kitchens we build kitchen cupboards that last and as solid as “rock”

Each and every unit is a complete structure with slotted insert white “masonite” backing.

Almost all kitchen cupboards carcasses (the inside you only see when opening the door) are manufactured from high quality Sonae white melamine. This is a universal practice that is not only very hygienic and practical, but also very appealing on the eye.

We do not affix the backing material with a staple gun. So whether you open a top cupboards door or a floor unit, you do not see the wall, only clean white material and not even the fixing cleats (which are concealed)

How long does a kitchen cupboards project last?

Because we understand the impact and trauma that “home and kitchen” renovation can bring about, we strive to complete a project in less than 15 working days. Obviously the scale and complexity may play a role, resulting in a shorter or slightly longer period. 

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