Installing new kitchen cupboards in Riebeeckstad, Welkom and even the surrounding areas within the Goldfields, does make a lot of financial sense. Apart from the difference it will make to your daily living, a beautiful kitchen is desired by buyers and sellers alike.

The fact of the matter is that despite a fairly depressed property market, Welkom and even outlying areas such as Hennenman enjoy a joy a steady influx of new residents from Johannesburg and other areas.

I will first of all deal with the most obvious financial benefits of installing new kitchen cupboards or seriously upgrading existing kitchen cupboard units.

kitchen cupboards in riebeeckstad

Truth be told, most of our customers upgrade their kitchen cupboards and even built in bedroom cupboards because they have grown tired of the old ones or have simply outgrown the cupboard units.

However, many of our customers hail from Johannesburg and even as far afield as Middelburg (MP) and even Cape Town. These folks have found the property market in Welkom very affordable. With an established infrastructure and excellent primary and secondary schools, the Goldfields have much to offer those who wish to make their home in the Northern Free State.

Re-locating is not a cheap affair, and prospective buyers want as much bang for their bucks as possible. That implies that the vast majority of buyers will choose to purchase a property that offers most creature comforts like a functional kitchen and ample cupboard space.  When faced with a decision between two properties, statics have proven that most buyers will choose a home with functional and beautiful kitchen cupboards, over amenities like a swimming pool or other lifestyle features.

Most people who change residence prefer to move into a property without the prospect of having to endure weeks and months of discomfort associated with home improvements and new kitchen cupboards.

Now let us turn this scenario around and show the many benefits and pleasure new kitchen cupboards offer.

Installing new kitchen cupboards or significantly improving the kitchen area has positive emotional benefits.

New kitchen units should address your personal family needs, while keeping functionality in mind, and avoiding overly personalization.

Always consider the potential cost against the increase in value and how long you intend staying in the property.

Referring back to the scenario above of how most home buyers shop around, many people do not realize that investing in a beautiful kitchen, actually significantly improves the value over time as well is increasing the marketability of the home, should that eventually decide to sell.  

So whether your decision to consider new kitchen cupboards in Welkom or Riebeeckstad, is driven by the need to improve your living conditions or motivated by your desire the sell the property in a shorter space of time, give Style Kitchen Cupboard Designs a call today @ 084 6100 501 and get a free quotation on new kitchen cupboards and a stunning new design that is not only affordable but will add real value to your daily existence as well as your properties value.

If you demand quality and value for money when upgrading your kitchen cupboards, then we are ready to create your dream kitchen without tears and without having to bust your bank balance. 

Why New Kitchen Cupboards In Riebeeckstad or Welkom Area, makes good sense