kitchen cupboard doors pearl white sprayed imageNot many folks have an absolute or clear idea of the visual appearance of their new kitchen. Unfortunately many people who contact us for new kitchen cupboards have extracted a page from a magazine and decided that is what they want.

OK , the final choice does rest with the client. However like any decent and honest kitchen designer, we often have the unpleasant task of advising the customer to the contrary.
Your kitchen design and cupboards should be functional and visually appealing. You and your family will spend many hours in the kitchen area. Thus the atmosphere and ambiance of your kitchen is important.    
A kitchen design entails many aspects, least of which is the kitchen cupboard doors.

Kitchen Cupboard Doors can influence the visual experience of any new kitchen cupboard and determine the “look and feel” of your kitchen.
In this post we wish to share with you different kitchen cupboard doors and options. 
Kitchen cupboard doors can be constructed from a wide range of materials and styles that instantly change the look and feel of a room. While cupboards are generally installed as functional items for storing away food and dishes, the kitchen area and kitchen designs have become fashionably elements that can stand out as the focal point of a room or living area.
The 2 most striking aspects that that can determine the look and feel of a kitchen is the color scheme and kitchen cupboard door style.  When you first enter any kitchen area, what is the first thing you notice?  You the kitchen cupboard doors and draw fronts.
The first thing we will consider is the type of material used to manufacture kitchen cupboard doors.
Most doors available in South Africa and used by kitchen contractors in Johannesburg are either:
  • Natural wood based doors
  • Painted and Duco’d Doors
  • Synthetic Door covering. The exterior is PVC or Melamine, with either chip or supa-wood used for the internal core. 
Each of these 3 different categories listed below range from the most expensive to the generally affordable Melamine and PVC kitchen cupboard doors.

Natural Wood based Kitchen Cupboard Doors

The beauty of natural wood cannot be matched.  It is enduring and when looked after (protected from sun and water, has a lifespan well over 25 years.
However, as natural resources become scarce, so the price of hard woods skyrocket. In 2012 you could well pay in excess of R30,000 per cubic meter for Rosewood.  
Natural wood kitchen cupboard doors are manufactured in a variety of different frontal patterns. Typically here in Johannesburg most kitchen designers like SKCD, offer:
  • Raised Panel Kitchen Cupboard Doors, or
  • Semi-solid Kitchen Cupboard Doors.

kitchen cupboard doors timberRaised panel doors are essentially 100% wood. The door is normally constructed in 2 parts, the solid inner which is molded to suit and the outer frame which is fixed to the inner panel.

Semi-solid kitchen cupboard doors consist of solid natural wood to manufacture the outer frame. The inner part is made from veneered board. As the veneer is normally sliced from the same wood specie, the 2 parts are nearly identical after finishing. 
However as is the case with most natural products, color and texture variations may and will occur. These kinds of kitchen cupboard doors normally take much longer to manufacture and requires greater care and skill to install.
Another popular choice with many home owners is veneer stained doors and visible panels. Doors can be manufactured entirely from stained veneer or beefed up with a solid wood frame, also stained. The advantage of using the stain technique is that you can achieve virtually any required shade of color.  Most of the darker mahogany furniture you come across in stores around Johannesburg is stained material. It does make gorgeous kitchens. 
Painted and Duco’d Kitchen Cupboard Doors
Painting and spray painting (lacquered or duco) kitchen cupboard doors and panels to meet a specific taste, has been around for many years. 
Presently, lacquered kitchen designs are very hot and in great demand. With the advances made in paint technology and products specifically geared towards the furniture trade, nothing is impossible. Any color, hue or texture you can imagine can be mixed to create stunning kitchens.. 
kitchen cupboard doors painted lacquered image
This kitchen, showcased in Europe, some 8 years ago, sparked a renewed interest in lacquered kitchen designs. Even in the USA where the focus has been on natural wood kitchen designs since “Pa fell of the bus” interest in “duco” or “lacquered” kitchen cupboard designs has increased in popularity. 
In addition to creating very stylish kitchen cupboards and visual panels using spray painting, normal hand painting using specially formulated water based paints are also quite popular. Typically pre-made pine doors are used and painted.
For the purpose of creating the kitchen cupboard doors to duco or spray paint, supa wood (MDF) is used.  MDF is ideally suited to mold just about any pattern. Most available machines in South Africa stick to a range of standard patterns. Once the pattern is molded, it can be prepared to paint or spray paint. 

Typically kitchen cupboard doors destined for “country style” kitchens are finished using a hand paint process.  

While painted and lacquered kitchen cupboard doors are cheaper than solid wood doors, they are still almost twice the price of PVC Wrap doors and normal Melamine kitchen cupboard doors.
Wrap and Melamine Doors.
  • Wrap Doors.
What is wrappe doors? MDF or Supa wood is molded with different patterns. The door is them “wrapped” with a specially imported PVC material that adheres to the Board.  The material used as the Cover is durable, impact resistant, will never fade and does not require maintenance. These kitchen cupboard doors are easily cleaned without any harsh chemicals
kitchen cupboard doors wrapped image
Wrap doors price around R400 to R600 per square meter compared to the R1200 + sq.m. for lacquered kitchen doors.
Wrap doors are available in a huge range of different colors, ranging from white to Mahogany. Most colors are close approximations of natural wood colors, plus many variations.
Together with Flat Melamine doors described below, these 2 kitchen cupboard door options probably account for 90% of all installed kitchen doors in Johannesburg over the last 10 years.
  • Impact or Flat Melamine Kitchen Cupboard Doors.

impactdoorsWhile both the wrap material and melamine is a “plastic” material, wrap is referred to as PVC while Melamine is viewed as a different material, used on many different furniture applications, including kitchen cupboard doors. 

Typically flat or impact melamine doors have no pattern and the edges need to be closed with Melamine or PVC machine edging. Similar to wrap doors, melamine doors are available in a range of different colors. Most panels and visual parts that go into a kitchen finished with  wrap doors, are melamine panels. Me;amine looks and feels the same s wrap material. Melamine is durable, impact resistant, easy to clean and very affordable.
Melamine is available in two finishes, Texture (a smooth, Matt finish) and Alpine (embossed, wood grain finish).
Obviously, irrespective of the choice of material, glass doors enhances the appearance of your kitchen
Kitchen Cupboard Doors Will Determine The Look and Feel Of your kitchen. You have to live with and enjoy your new kitchen cupboard layout and doors. With the many different options available to you, we are able to meet your every requirement. Contact us today for a free quote  

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