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crome basketKitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way is what we are about. Understanding the important connection between functionality and appearance of:

  • Kitchen cupboard designs,
  • Kitchen cupboard storage
  • Kitchen cupboard handles
  • Even free standing kitchen cupboards
While kitchen units are central to upgrading your kitchen area, they are but part of the total picture. 

In the Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way post we wish to explore the many different kitchen cupboard accessories that are available for kitchen units today.
However, it is very exciting to search thru the internet for kitchen cupboard designs. But equally valid is the statement that beautiful kitchens designs that does not meet the functionality criteria, is but mere eye-candy, and no more.
Very few of us today simply change Kitchen Cupboard Designs simply to keep up with the Jones’s! Times are tough and most home owners expect more than just a bang for their bucks.
Most folks have been experiencing frustration for some time when they walk into the same old kitchen with the conventional outdated equipment, lack of space and functionality. Compared to traditional kitchen cupboard designs of yester year, modern kitchen units are highly functional. 
Here is our list of Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way, as far as the functionality accessories are concerned.
Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way  – The Right Kitchen Zinc.
This item is virtually indispensable in today’s modern kitchen design. One particular kitchen zinc unit is the   Cascade Double End Bowl and Tidy. 
Of all our kitchen cupboards and designs, this unit has probably gone into 70% of all kitchen installations. The only drawback is where the kitchen units are less than the standard 1350 mm long, this unit will not fit. 
Many different drying racks are also available that will fit in a zinc bowl
glemar zinkKitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way – Install a Prep Bowl
Hygiene and functionality takes on a new meaning when you install a prep bowl. 

prep bowl

Kitchen designs that incorporate a prep bowl assume that the kitchen cupboard unit is sufficient to accommodate a water purification system. In Johannesburg we are all very much aware of the fact that it is advisable not to use tap water for cooking purposes. As the primary idea behind a prep bowl is cleaning fresh fruit and vegetables as well as clean water for food preparation, it is advisable to position the kitchen cupboard unit in the most practical location.
Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way – How to take care of waste.

Not many kitchen designs and the available area, allow for a separate scullery or suitable area to place the essential waste bin. While not the most thought off item in a kitchen, the absence of a suitable area to place a waste bin, can be a nightmare.

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Again where the kitchen cupboard design permits, provide for a waste bin, close to the zink and out of sight.
There are many different waste bin systems around. However one bin system we have found to be very popular is Gelmar’s double pull-out bin. 
This unit is sufficient for any mid size family and only requires a cupboard 400 mm wide.
Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way – Kitchen Cupboard Storage.
Apart from the fact that a kitchen cupboard design needs to be appealing and have space to work on, it must provide ample storage space. The trick is to maximize the available space with functionality and convenience. Most kitchen units normally have 1,2 or 3 shelves. 
pull out storageTired of digging and diving into a cupboard to discover your favorite box of cereal or popcorn, well then there are many solutions. Most floor kitchen units can be made to accommodate either pull out conventional drawers or pull out storage space. 
Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way – Kitchen Cupboard Storage item #1.
The corner carousel is a marvel and hugely convenient to take care of those often awkward corner units. These units are available in stainless steel as well as a hygienic plastic version. Many Folks also use these units as a vegetable storage area. 
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Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way – Kitchen Cupboard Storage item #2
As mentioned earlier, a kitchen cupboard can be made more functional and convenient when it provides more storage space. Again there is a host of different kitchen cupboard storage unites (mostly stainless steel) that are mounted in different ways. All these units are made functional with telescopic steel roller ball guides. Some of these units are suitable to install as a spice holder.
It is not within the ambit of this article to cover the many different and highly functional accessories that are available on the market today.
That is why kitchen cupboard designers and installation contractors exist. Most folks do not always have the time to search for Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way. 
If you do not have the time or proficiency to tackle your kitchen upgrading or remodeling on your own, it is always advisable to seek the service of a business like SKCD.
As you would require updating the appliances, sinks and fixtures, you need to plan the design accordingly. Identify the appliances that are most suited to your lifestyle rather than buying those that simply look great or that your friend Sally has.

For expert advice and Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way, contact us for a free quote.

Kitchen Cupboard Designs The Expert Way