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Kitchen-DesignsFuturistic Modern Kitchen Designs is a look at how designers see the future of the modern kitchen. There can be no doubt that future living space will be at a premium and with man’s propensity for leisure and quality of life on the increase, living space and the kitchen area will reflect this trend. 

Here are 7 amazing and really interesting Futuristic Modern Kitchen Designs. Modern is hardly the right terminology. More like “Ultra-modern”.

If you desire to be totally different, I am sure you will draw inspiration from these ultra-modern designs, Consider 

Futuristic Modern Kitchen Designs

The Sailor’s Choice.
This Futuristic Modern Kitchen Designs is a perfect alternative for that $10million dream yacht. When you have nautical blood flowing in the family, consider this kitchen design. Great for limited space as well.

Nautical shapes, colors and materials invite you to experience the kitchen as a room with real personality as never before – and to enjoy some leisure time every single day. Marecucina experiments with new stylistic elements and combines them with a stringent quality philosophy where only the very best will do, just as is the case in shipbuilding. Alno introduced this new concept to the public for the first time at the Eurocucina 2010 in Milan.

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The worlds of boat and kitchen building share some essential common ground: a passion for high quality, precise workmanship and expressive individuality. Marecucina from Alno integrates elements such as sails, masts, ship storage solutions, walnut surfaces and chrome-plated decorative inserts into its stylish design. The rounded shapes of base units and work surfaces are reminiscent of an elegant boat pantry, building a bridge between holidays and everyday life. Marecucina expands on two existing Alno components: the seemingly free-floating base units from the Edition Fly range and the front panels from the Alnostar Highline (white) and Alnostar Natureline (walnut) ranges.

Both types of panel, one in high-gloss white and the other in a warm, walnut real wood veneer, have no handles, are sleek and, as such, fit into the overall concept perfectly. White and brown are the two colours typically found on and below deck.

But despite its maritime theme, Marecucina is not only attractive to passionate boat enthusiasts. The concept is much more about driving forward the further development of modern living spaces. Marecucina brings home life and outside interests together to create a kitchen that expresses the personality of the owner in a really creative way

The Liberty Design Project Concept
This design is like walking into the Jetson’s kitchen. 

This design was the result of a commissioned project:  Designers: Helder Filipov & Advanced Design Team, Whirlpool Latin America

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The Liberty Project is an innovative approach towards modular kitchen and space management. The setup integrates and aligns a refrigerator, cooking area, prep area, microwave, washing area, washing machine, water recycling system, air conditioning and exhaust. The best part about the concept is that the working platform height can be adjusted for wheelchair bound folks. Moreover the platform configuration can be changed to suit individual needs. 

Ekokook Future Kitchen Designs

Ideal for the studio apartment with every amenity at arm’s length, even your own fresh herbs.

The Future in Kitchen Designs:

Ekokook comes from  Faltazi design and is said to be the kitchen of the future. A lot of research stood at the basis of this design and led to a kitchen that respects all the standards of modern living combined with sustainability as well. This kitchen of the future is made out of two functional parts.

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The inferior one, somehow reminding one of a classic kitchen as we know it, includes a fridge, a dish washing machine,  “drawers” for plates and tableware and other spaces meant for storage. Beneath all these lies an intricate system of waste disposal, including five separate systems for five materials: glass, paper, cans, plastic and organic waste. The superior part features plenty of green shapes, some of them meant as storage bowls, other having technological utility (like absorbing the steam, for example). 

The Round DesignConcept

This kitchen design eminates from China

Round cupboard assembly that can be rotated and lifted:

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Some of the designer's own words:

  1. Creating the new concept of happy kitchen: Sharing the joy with relatives and friends face-to-face. 
  2. Cupboard adopts double-deck rotator structure, can rotate 180°respectively, the three major work center of washing, mixing and cooking can rotate in the front of the operator, let "zero" distance in each workflow; And can lift in certain distance in order to be suitable for the different operator. 
  3. Flume has two kinds of outlets: The parallel water outlets of induction type lie on both sides of flume; The holding type faucets with metal hose lie in the middle of two flumes, that can be suitable for operating under various environments. 
  4. Abandon the board type, slide rail and hinge of the traditional cupboard completely. This cupboard regards the structure frame of aluminium alloy and the combination of stainless steel pipe as the integer structure. Adopt level bearing, hydraulic pressure system, shutting system to realize lifting of cupboard and wall cupboard. 
  5. Integrative structures with operational table-board, flume and kitchen, cupboard distribute icebox, disinfector and oven symmetrically, other borders are closets. 
  6. Lower cupboard is drawing structure, can pull out wholly while using, and make the operation simplify. Hang the kitchen ventilator under the top cupboard with function of illumination.

The Space Saving Kitchen Concept

This design is the pinnacle of space saving and probably ideal for the single one room apartment dweller. .but may not be the best for the aspiring chef…

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  The Sustainable Kitchen Design Concept

If you are not really into cooking, yet desire a kitchen area, concepts like this Futuristic Modern Kitchen Designs may be just what you are after. Functional and easy keep tidy. 

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The system is designed to not only minimize waste materials but to make people aware of how much they’re consuming.

  • Only ready-made food and beverages are consumed in sheet-metal packaging so people will be conscious about what and how much they eat.
  • Food and beverages packs will be kept inside the cooling unit of the system. It only allows storage of 3 days’ worth of food.
  • A Smart oven warms up the food in groups to minimize how often it’s used. It arranges the ideal time and temperature for the packs by reading their barcodes.
  • There are 4 hollow plates located on the main dining table. Each of them can rotate on its center-axis so you can eat on the either side of the plate. The center of the table houses a small flatware station.
  • The integrated dishwasher conserves water by filtering and reusing previous wash water.
  • All plates are stored underneath in their own compartments.

This sustainable kitchen concept is great if you want to be environmentally conscious.

The Oulin Kitchen Design

If your budget does not permit a private living quarters on the Moon, this may satisfy your desire for a Moon experience.  Entertain in your own spaceship like kitchen.

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Oulin asked us to create a world class kitchen for one of the theme pavillions on EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. A kitchen which shows an integration of design, appliances, technology and media to make it the center of tomorrow’s home. We created a ribbon shaped design enclosing and integrating state of the art kitchen equipment, online and telecom media, a multi-touch hob and a high-tech greenery: a kitchen of the future.Designed in a team at Sandenburg concept creation.

These are our 7 Futuristic Modern Kitchen Designs to wet the appetite. While it may not be to every persons liking living in Gauteng, Johannesburg, it certainly offers a glimpse of what future kitchen designs will look like. Maybe not in our life time, but it is on the cards.

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Futuristic Modern Kitchen Designs