red-duco-kitchen-design-with-islandDuco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs first became popular in Europe and the UK eventually spreading to the US. Here in South Africa the process of painting kitchen cupboard doors to emulate an aged look or country style has also been around for quite a number of years.

  1. Duco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs are essentially two type of processes. Duco kitchen designs and the doors are most commonly made from MDF. A chosen pattern is machine molded on the door and draw fronts. The material is first treated to seal the porosity and then a process of “spray-painting” follows.  Both water based and petroleum based Duco products are available on the market. Normally a color sample is provided to the specialist paint shop that will match the desired color.
  2. Painted Kitchen cupboard designs involve a process of hand painting using either a paint brush or special sponge. 

duco kitchen design befor and after image

However it has also become popular and affordable to give a kitchen a make-over or upgrade. This means you normally upgrade the doors, work tops and/or flooring.
Just a quick word of caution, and this applies irrespective of where you live, be it Edenvale or Edenglen, Johannesburg.  If the basic kitchen cupboard or cabinets are not in sound condition, proceed with carefully.

Whether you spend R1000 or R100,000, your kitchen renovation must add value to your home. If the basic kitchen cabinets are constructed in frame construction manner and/or the interior is just plain rescore (chipboard), you should think carefully.  Why. Consumers are far more informed today and particularly Estate Agents view window dressing a kitchen more negatively than in a positive light.

That implies that you may spend money on your kitchen based on a purely emotional decision, rather than a good financial decision. Your upgrade may only end up having some value to you and not the next person or future buyer of your home.  

  • Duco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs – Most popular Color

Changing the kitchen cupboards to white (many different shades of white), is a very popular choice. White brings a sense and feeling of elegant, luxury and has a clean effect. Choosing a white kitchen design will also allow you to mix it up with many different wall colours or even a use a two-tone effect combining a soft yellow.

The fact of the matter is that Duco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs with white cupboards have a much wider possibility when it comes to décor and combining into one harmony.
Whatever the theme you wish to use for your kitchen will also determines what color you will normally paint the walls or cabinets. The long and short is simply this: kitchen designs using white cabinets are suited for any wall paint color.

Duco kitchen design with white duco and yellow walls

  • Duco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs – More than just cupboards.

Normally kitchen cupboard designs, require a wee bit of creativity and some planning as to the décor and enhancing features of a kitchen.
One aspect we have found to be highly effective in bringing personalization and style to any duco kitchen design is the use of “Backsplash” tiles or murals. Some folks refer to it as “splash-back” and are essentially a design element that also has a functional benefit.

Splash-backs are usually positioned on the wall behind the hob or cooking area, and may extend further along the wall. Some people continue to use the motif below all off the wall mounted cupboards and the work top.
Splashback kitchen

White duco tuscan-kitchen with showing spash backs image

The most important aspect to remember when deciding on Duco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs is to select a color that will compliment the colors already present in your kitchen.

popular colors for duco paint kitchen designs image

Take account of the floor, wall color and appliances.  If you would like your cupboards not to stick out, choose a color that will suit the walls. On the other hand should you prefer to accentuate the kitchen design, then rather select a bold color like a shade three to four times darker than your walls, or perhaps a color that compliments your existing colors.

Taking on a DIY Duco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs, is doable and achievable. Regrettably in our experience we have been called upon more times that I care to remember to rescue a stalled and abandoned “duco-job”.

Upgrading Duco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs is always a disruptive and traumatic occurrence for most families. That is why we ensure that all components are ready and completed before taking your kitchen apart.

Our mission is to create you a beautiful kitchen without having to endure months of agony.
Contact us today and consider a Duco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs for your home.

Duco and Painted Kitchen Cupboard Designs