Built in bedroom cupboards, or the lack thereof, is often a major problem in most homes.

In fact here at Style Kitchen Cupboard Designs, we find that 90% of our call-outs relate to folks who are really strapped for bedroom cupboard space.

The family has either outgrown the available cupboard space or they have become bored with existing cupboards.

We understand their plight and are always delighted when we are done with the job and the customer cannot believe the difference it has made.

Built in bedroom cupboards have no hard and fast rules, suffice to say there are a couple of factors that will influence the cupboard design:

  • Is the cupboard intended for male or female use?
  • Is the built in bedroom cupboards intended for young children

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Similar to kitchen cupboards, deciding on the design and appearance is as important. One aspect is that that you will need to consider where to put the built in bedroom cupboards

Our normal suggestion is to use the maximum available space to place build in cupboards. After all a bedroom is not a living room and although we may spend more time in this area, it is to sleep.

There are different kinds of built in bedroom cupboards such as:

  • Traditional “box cupboard with shelves, hanging space and doors.
  • Walk-in bedroom cupboards that may either comprise box cupboards or an open shelf option.
  • Utility cupboards that may serve a dual purpose. Storage and to display.

Either way the built in bedroom cupboards design will largely depend on your needs. If you are simply going to use the cupboards for storing items such as linen/towels, then you will in all likelihood look to use a cupboard that is rather simple and fits in perfectly with the outline of the room.

Many people want more than just storage space and may wish to display items of value as well as personal memorabilia. Well then you need to consider something more elegant. It is quite possible to go with something that will have some glass doors.

In this instance the size of the cupboard or cabinet is really important as you want to get a cabinet that will serve the purpose and display the items properly as opposed to being too small or else have a cupboard that is too large and having a feeling of needing to fill the cupboard, since there is empty space.

Typical Wrap Build in cupboard layout
Wrap Door Bedroom Cupboard

When built in bedroom cupboards are required for storage of personal belongings as well as clothing, then it is important to cater for shelf and hanging space, and at time even a sound system or TV.

Choosing the exterior material for built in bedroom cupboards.

  • As is the case with Kitchen cupboards, when installing built in bedroom cupboards, there is a huge selection of available material finishes, from versatile melamine to natural wood.
  • Deciding on the right look, design and feel is important as you do not want the bedroom occupant to pull the sheets over the head because the cupboards make them “sick”

In most cases these cupboards will be meant to last for a long period of time, and just as any other commodity in your home, it should enhance the area even though the purpose may be more driven by functional use.

Many older homes have doors fitted to brick enclosures that serve as a bedroom cupboard. Rather than breaking down walls, we are able to re-invent the space. We simply remove the old hollow core doors, manufacture a new complete inner and fit new doors to a special frame made out of the same material

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Built in bedroom cupboards are a huge investment both with time and money. This is something that you should not have to replace or reinstall unless you feel a true need to do so.

Built in Bedroom Cupboards